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Dear Ego

For long time Ego was my friend in training.

I trained little but Ego trained a lot! Always wanting to be bigger than me...

Getting pride in not tapping. Getting bitter and angry with every position lost, with every hard time I had.

Every time I stepped on the mat, Ego was there with me... Sometimes he helped me to want more and more. And when I fought well, he made sure to inflate my mind with that superior feeling. But however, if my performance was just okay, Ego made me feel inferior, frustrated.

So our relationship started to shake. I began to doubt Ego and his intentions. I realized that our relationship started to become toxic to me.

As I did with many other toxic friendships before, I started to walk away and leave Ego behind.

I started to focus on other things... In getting better in my techniques, my breathing, in helping my training partners.

I focused in evolving myself.

Suddenly "Open the Game" seems like a better option. And then I started to understand a little bit what Jiu Jitsu really its about. After that, was clear my evolution in each training, fight, each championship... Even the way I started to treat the bothers on the mat.

If YOU, who are reading this, wants to evolve in both (life and on the mats), here is my suggestion to you: You have to open your mind to the new... Accept the information given by your Professor and your training partners who lends your their own body for your evolution. So you active your goals.

Listen carefully, study, practice, be persistent and leave your Ego aside.

Surely your journey will become stronger and more interesting to travel. Open your game, train hard but let it flow, have fun and enjoy Jiu Jitsu.

Remember: Careful with Ego. It delay and difficult your evolution!! Oss.


By AUBJJ BLACK BELT@flaviogoncalvesbjj

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