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Life and Mats - Any connection?

When you start training in a high quality school, the first thing you learn is about respect. You learn to respect your training place by bowing to the mat before get in and get out. You learn about hierarchy, when greeting you Master before anyone else present on the mat, because there he is the one with most experience.

You learn to respect all your training partners, greeting them all one by one as soon as you enter the mat. Learn about humility by lending a hand to your friend who just submitted you. You learn about resilience, when you are in a bad position, and you have to remain calm knowing that there is a possibility that you can get out of there…

You learn about life!

Because life is like a big mat with several fighters, each one with their own technique and strategies looking for victory. And as in life, respect, humility and hierarchy are essential for personal development and a good coexistence in society.

Jiu Jitsu teaches us and transforms us into better human beings.

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